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Gallop through 2018!

Relevant Posts — 28.12.2018 at 14:11

All about extreme sports - BASE, mountaineering, ski touring, Bicycle touring, skiing, mountaineering, ice climbing, mountain-bike, multihance, water sports, paraplanerizm, climbing, snowboarding, caving, kayaking

Nothing 2018 year tropic wool with its powerful paws the way out!

Say that at the end of each stage of life often think about the beginning. Believe that the year could easily pass for a stage. And at the end of each year I go back to how it started, what hopes entertained of myself, my colleagues, friends. Then think about what we have come to the end of the year!

And so I thought about picking the post with the most memorable publications.

each of you your hit parade posts. And the list below, rather, not the hit parade, and a cut of what I saw during the year. Perhaps after reading it, you decide to flip through nearly 100 pages of Risk.for PY 2018 and to remember those items that are memorable to you personally.

The more that you have walked, climbed, flew, drove, read, and then I made films and wrote or told about it!