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Unit D50 diesel

Bulletin Board Doski-Park RSSFeed 03.01.2019 at 09:58

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Sell crankshaft D50-05-001-1 after factory repair of gradations 1-8 in the presence and under the order name of the Block PD1A.01.010, 1D50.01.001, PD1A.01.001 crankshaft D50.05-1, 1-PD4A.05, D50.05.103 1-PD4A.05.010-1, D50.05.Number 001-1, 1-PD4A.05.Number 001-1 cylinder liner D50M.01.002 Manifold exhaust 2D50.18-1, 1-PD4.18-1 Collector charge 2D50.19, 1-PD4.19A, 1-PD4.19-2, D50.19.102 Crane flat PD1.56 Cover cylinder D50S.06, 1-PD4A.06, D50S.06.2-1, 1-PD4A.06.020, D50S.06.3, 1-PD4A.06.010 water Pump D50.11 Pump oil 2D50.12-3, 2D50.12-4 MSh5 Pump oil Pump fuel 1D50.27Sb, 1D50.27Sb-2 Piston PD1M.04, 1-PD4.04-1, D50.04.101, PD2.04.100, PD1M.04.001, 1-PD4.04.Number 001-1 Actuator valve D50.10.1, PD2.10 the oil pump, fan and filters PD1.34-1 the fuel pump Actuator 2D50M.16 Frame engine PD1M.02, D50.02.002, D50.02.102, D50.02.001 Camshaft 2D50M.07, 2D50M.07-03, 2D50M.07.101, 2D50M.07.101-03 Regulator of frequency of rotation D50.36Sb Section of the fuel pump D50.27.101 SB-1, D50.27.101 SB-2 turbocharger 3026.00.000.02 Control knob D50.43Sb, D50.43Sb-1 Atomizer D50.17.1 SB Rod D50.24-1, +7 (927) 129-84-81 .Contact: 89271298481 Disassembly of diesel locomotives TEM2, 2TE116, D49 engines, D50