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Microsoft taught the gadgets to talk in a whisper

Inside it 04.01.2019 at 14:28

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Now your smartphone will be able to talk quietly

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Microsoft has patented a technology that would allow the voice assistant to recognize the whisperings of the user. It is worth noting that the system itself was developed long enough, because not every voice assistant is able to hear the voice of the master when he speaks in a whisper. The company believes that the development will allow people to use speech recognition in public places, not afraid to share with strangers private information. For example, if you forgot your password, or the address of his clinic. It is now possible to ask your voice assistant without worrying about the safety of your data in public areas.

the Vast majority of users voice assistants use them only at home — in public places they're OK to tell random passersby your personal data, e.g. home address, personal preferences, or credit card number. However, from today this will change.

Microsoft has offered a solution to this problem, engineers have taught a neural network to recognize the whisperings of the user. It is assumed that the system can be installed in smart watches, smartphones and tablets. In addition to the smart home speakers, all devices will get this feature.