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Comfort will come with time

Inside it 04.01.2019 at 14:32

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No matter How traditional and conservative was the oldest Hobbies man — fishing, but in this area constantly penetrate new-fangled invention.

some of them outright nonsense type of clever spinners and electronic activators bite (besides some to use banned because of questionable humanity). But some actually can do a pastime with a fishing rod more comfortable, informed news of it with reference to

Portable coffee maker — miniature Assembly, which you can use to brew a Cup of coffee in the field. Manufacturers of such gadgets several, but the principle of one. For the preparation of refreshing drink, you will only need hot water and ground coffee itself. The pressure in the chamber is created manually using the valve of the pump. The average cost of camping kofemashiny — about 50 rubles. According to user reviews the taste of coffee is far from perfect, but in the harsh conditions of winter fishing will fit perfectly.

the Wind generator to charge the smartphone (and other electronic devices). Yes, true, today, “windmill”, you can carry in your pocket or backpack. Typically, the portable device easily folds, so does not take up much space. But give unusual chargers on alert — a matter of minutes. The wind would, and he was on the frozen lake guest frequent. On the market you can find many models of mini-turbines from Amateur to professional. Accordingly, the prices differ. The most modest gadget can be found for 30-40 rubles.

by the Way, more original chargers with similar characteristics and principle of operation — portable turbine. All the same “windmill” that you can throw in a quick Creek and get screwed kilowatts (or rather, watts) of electricity. But where, in winter to find open water?

heated Insoles . Folk wisdom says that in cold weather you need to protect your head and feet. With the first more or less clear — put on his hat and already well. Blew a fierce wind pulled the top of the hood of the jacket. With the legs harder. Of long standing on the ice without movement will not save any one shoes. But a special heated insoles — easily. In sales it is easy to find a few of their varieties. Some start to warm up immediately after removal from sealed packaging when it comes in oxygen. Retain heat for several hours. Cost about 20-25 rubles, however, they are disposable.

this is an Interesting option — heated insoles battery powered. Can get up to 40 and above degrees (so say the manufacturers). One set of batteries is enough for 4-5 hours of work. Price — from 60 roubles. And some models of insoles supplied with remote control. Fans of the latest technologies needs to be assessed.

Inflatable tent. To conventional houses for winter fishing all have grown accustomed. There are models of the classic that you have to collect from the frame and awning. There are more advanced, able as the spring automatically unfold in “working” position. A inflatable? Appeared on the market, and such curiosities. Look like a kids ride, but still have a number of advantages. In particular, due to the double walls with an air gap to retain warmth better, for example, from inside a lighted kerosene lamp or even candle. Should such a miracle from 400 rubles.