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"How many centimeters need to be happy": Simple improvements UAZ "Patriot" revealed the mechanic

MComp 05.01.2019 at 07:29

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Autoblogger YouTube channel "do Not brake Light" decided to slightly modify his "Patriot" and set him a little "lift".

the reason for the need of such improvement mechanic called rubbing on the wheel arches the rear wheels, that too much tinder and a high probability of complete damage plastic parts. Wheel from the driver a little more standard, because without a "lift" then you can not do. The service station is proposed to start small and increase the height of the SUV while at 3 cm.

For this operation will need front springs company RedBTR ago and will be installed 3-inch spacers under ladders between the bridge and spring: "+3 inches is ideal. He does not stand out from the crowd, and sets are all very simple, just for an hour!". Thus, due to larger wheels, the ground clearance has increased by 6 inches, but with the "Patriot" will look like factory.

the Mechanic noticed that after making modifications, due to the fact that the new springs are much longer than normal, it may seem that the ground clearance of an SUV too high, but this problem will be solved in a week operation as soon as they sit down: "the reliability is not affected in any way, nothing global here is not happening, lift is small. Here at the loaf, with their 7-leaf spring, it looks much more impressive! So we figured out how many centimeters need to be happy".

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