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UAZ "hunter" Savior of all: "Snevo", "oku", the Mitsubishi Pajero and "hunter" were compared in tests on the roads

MComp 05.01.2019 at 11:30

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Experts YouTube channel 152 Offroad decided to compare quite a motley team of cars in the tests on severe winter roads. In offroad-race participated UAZ "hunter", Chevrolet Niva, Mitsubishi Pajero and an old "Oka".

the First obstacle, which is tightly stuck "Led" has become a big hole, and finally "hunter" with enhanced suspension I had to use a rope to remove the crossover from the snow captivity: "the Pit to the waist probably, if not more. Not surprisingly, stuck here, even Kruzak would not have passed!". But the SUV from the UAZ by some miracle managed to get through this obstacle without much effort, it is even to slip was not necessary.

the Next obstacle in the way of crossovers has become the rise on a low but fairly steep hill, and here is Niva has not struck in a dirt the person, at full speed literally flown to the top of the hill. Of course, the "Oka" in the circumstances there was no chance, and because of its extremely small ground clearance it already started to get stuck when driving through rolled groove. Then to the rescue came "hunter" with his rope. "Japanese" Pajero with honor coped with all the obstacles for as long as he is not stuck while trying to pull out of the snow "swamps" Chevrolet Niva.

In General, the bloggers were happy with the result. Though the permeability of the majority of cars were not able to please, but had received a lot of positive emotions: "UAZ hunter saved everyone, literally chopping and the rest of the way and pulling other machines. The swamp does not forgive mistakes!".

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