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Thomas Markle urged Megan to make up with Kate Middleton

MComp 05.01.2019 at 12:12

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Conflict Kate Middleton and Megan brought up the heart attack of Thomas Markle.

the Royal family in the person of the Duchess Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton is not coming from the news and the lips of the fans. Fans and haters are not tired to consider the Royal outfits of women and to discuss all details of personal life. Thomas Markle, the father of Megan, encouraged the daughter to make up with Kate Middleton. Thomas Markle expressed sincere doubt about their hostility. However, the father can be wrong, as they do not communicate even with last year, since Megan's wedding with Prince Harry. The silence started after a paparazzi made before the wedding Megan. After that, Thomas suffered two heart attacks and lived in sheer terror, not knowing and not hearing a single word coming from her own daughter. It is known that the new Royal family is in conflict with the Duchess of Cambridge. Megan and Kate had a major run during the fitting images for the wedding of Princess Charlotte. The father is extremely disappointed with the behavior of his daughter, refuses to believe the rumors and believes that all disputes in the Royal family should be finished now. Entourage of the Royal family also noticed the tension between Kate and Megan, however at Christmas they were extremely friendly in Sandringham. However, the conflict between the two brothers arose after Prince William warned Harry about the rapid development of his relationship with the American actress.

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