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"Elegant, but requires investment": is it Worth buying the LADA Vesta was told by the owner

MComp 05.01.2019 at 15:30

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About Russian sedan said the motorist who drove on the "Vesta" 47 000 km.

it Often happens that the domestic consumer asks the question: is it worth buying the LADA Vesta, because this car, judging by the reviews about it, is a very controversial vehicle. On the eve of one of the thematic Internet communities dedicated to the model, the owner of "Vesta" said with confidence, this car "is gorgeous, but requires investment," and therefore, do not be afraid to buy it.

the Motorist said that he owns the "message" of 2017. Of course, the machine has a variety of "cons", but, according to the owner of the car, anything they are not significantly affected. In addition, in the opinion of the driver in the sedan noisier than I would like, but still, the LADA Vesta is worth purchasing. The owner of the LADA Vesta noted that sometimes moonlights at "Blablater", and its passengers never complain about the car, but on the contrary, praise her. According to the motorist, his Vesta never failed him regardless of the distance of travel and weather conditions.

"Bestowed" encourages the consumer not to pay attention to the 10-year-old used cars, and invest in the new LADA Vesta, if we talk about the transport of its price range. Also the motorist stated that he expects the restyling of the model, and the version with the CVT.

Internet Users asked "bestowed" that he meant, speaking about investing in LADA Vesta. The motorist responded that the model isn't perfect, but because after purchasing it, it is worth spending to replace the bushings and the stabilizer link, front struts, replacement of the buckle, sizing "by antiscion" purchase new "janitors", as the factory was unsuccessful.

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