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Ford will recall nearly a million vehicles due to airbag defect

MComp 05.01.2019 at 19:30

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The American company is forced to start revocable campaign, which will involve more than 953 thousand copies of cars with defective airbags from the Takata company.

is Already 23 people were victims of faulty machines and several hundred were injured. All due to the fact that during accidents the pillows sometimes began to explode, hitting the people in the cabin with shards of glass and metal. In the USA the opinion is subject 782 000 copies of the Ford Ranger, Lincoln MKX, Edge, and supercars Ford Mustang, while in Japan, additional repair will revoke 149 000 vehicles.

Experts have identified the cause of an explosion of pillows Takata. In their manufacture was used cheap ammonium nitrate who manufacturers was used as the working substance. Under the influence of heat and after some time the nitrate can significantly alter the chemical structure and their properties, it is difficult to predict when exactly can happen these changes.

this pillow instead of instantly inflate during a crash, throw into it pieces of metal parts of the mechanism system.

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