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The Russian stock market and the ruble will continue to rise with low trading volume

Forex Club 03.01.2019 at 15:26

The Russian stock market started the first trading coming 2019 quite confident growth of indexes, the ruble also strengthened against the background of the emerging growth in oil prices.

the Index of Mosberg at 17.45 strengthened by 0.38% to 2378,54 points, the RTS index by this time has increased by 1.79% to 1088,22 points. The RTS index is growing stronger due to the strengthening of the ruble.

Among the growth leaders on Mosberger — shares of "inter RAO" (+1,95%), "Gazprom" (+1,9%) and Sberbank (+1,12%). In leaders of decrease are actions "Poles" (-1,98%), Yandex (-2,36%) and NOVATEK (of -1.29%).

the growth of the Russian market is observed, despite the rather negative sentiments on global trading platforms. So, on the stock exchanges of Asia and Europe pessimism reigns after reports of Apple about the deterioration of the forecast of sales of smartphones. And in US published weak statistics on the number of initial claims for unemployment benefits in the U.S. last week. This figure increased by 10 thousand and amounted to 231 thousand.

World oil prices began the new year with a decline of quotations on the background of concerns about the oversupply of oil. However, later they were supported by a message stating that production on the largest in Libya's oil field Hahaha will be reduced by 8.5 thousand barrels per day due to large-scale theft of equipment.

the Ruble at the first auction of the year at the time went below $ 71 dollars, but it was a temporary phenomenon when a small volume of trades. He later returned to the level 68.9 rubles per dollar (an increase of almost 90 cents) and to the level of 78.4 rubles per Euro (strengthening by 1.6 rubles).

Probably at auction on January 4, the volume will be low as from 5 to 7 January at the Moscow stock exchange once again will be the weekend. Due to low liquidity of the Russian indexes can continue the growth index Mosuri will go to around 2400 points, and the RTS index - to 1100 points. The ruble may strengthen to 68.5 rubles against the dollar and to 78.2 ruble against the Euro.

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