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The announcement of the main event on January 04,

Forex Club 04.01.2019 at 08:14

Today on the market dynamics can be influenced by the following news:

Dear traders,

note the important economic events which will lead to higher volatility in the number of tools. We recommend you to take this information into account in trade.


Event: Underlying consumer price index (yoy) (Dec), Eurozone.

date and time: 04 January 2019 13:00 GMT.

the Previous value: 1%. Forecast: 1%.

Why is it important?

the consumer price Index measures the change in prices of a selected basket of goods and services during the period; is a key indicator for assessing inflation and changing consumer preferences. Published By Eurostat. A positive result of EUR strengthens, negative - TERS.

Tools : S&P 500 (ES), DJIA (YM), NASDAQ (NQ), EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and XAUUSD.

the Number of new jobs created outside of/x (Dec), USA.

date and time: 04 January 2019 at 16:30 GMT.

Previous reading: Forecast of 155 thousand: 177 thousand

Why is it important?

Data on the number of jobs excluding agriculture published by the Bureau of labor statistics and reflect the headcount of employees hired over the past month. Indicator can be very volatile. The number may be revised in the coming months, which only adds to market volatility. High result usually strengthens the US dollar, low - TERS. Level of unemployment, and the revision of data for previous month are not less important components of the report than the main index.

have a good trading,

Command Forex Club.

&P 500 (ES), DJIA (YM), NASDAQ (NQ), EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and XAUUSD, Forex Club

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