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When it collected reports on the vote to participate in a specialized conference, I wanted to tell a topic – how to unseat the Director of quality. It would be a circumstantial report about the career growth for a programmer or it Director.

on the one hand, the growth in the direction of the Director of quality seems strange – it's like a completely different area. But, as we all know, the programmer can grow a lot of interesting things. It is not only I say this idea sounds more and more. For example, at the same conference another year there was a report on this subject — both in the West CIOs go to operations management that is not associated with it.

the Subject of quality management, personally I think incredible, just incredibly interesting and incredibly useful. Not because the quality control is like the new season of Sherlock or trajkovska old Jack Bauer. Just quality management in our country is an example of extremely arrogant, cynical, basic, dumbest, and therefore surprisingly effective quackery.

I don't know of any other branch of knowledge, which would have worked the same number of people, does not understand his profession. This is no joke, no hyperbole. I've been watching these guys for over 15 years — since when the ISO was still a prestigious rarity. I worked with Directors and quality professionals, consultants and auditors, University professors and presidents of associations, students and graduate students. How many of them do you know and understand what quality management and how to implement it? And, you know, I wrote above zero. Well, let it be 1 % — probably somewhere accidentally, or by the will of heaven, there are people who understand something. Well, you, if you carefully and without prejudice will be treated to quality management, too, will understand. So, maybe 2% make it.

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