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"SUP" offers a spy pen from Moleskine retail and distribution 05.01.2019 at 15:35

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Federal chain of electronics stores "POSITRONICA" informs about the availability of the handle for spies from Moleskine.

Many remember the scenes from adventure films such as "spy Kids" and books about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, in which the main characters solve puzzles, shoot out of the pen, transmitting the data via a brooch or decoration and much more. Each of us wanted (or wants) to have such toys. Now it has become a reality, thanks to a spy pen Moleskine, which transmits information at a distance. The set of spy pen and smart notebook - the perfect gift for the person difficult to surprise.

"Smart pen" from Moleskine knows how much:

Instantly transports all written information in Notepad app on your smartphone; can send written on your mail in one click; you can adjust labels/sketches in the Appendix; the written text can be converted to printed form (several languages including Russian); the painted drawing can send you email in the format of vector graphics SVG.