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Memoria. Nikolay Rubtsov

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3 Jan 1936 born poet Nikolay Rubtsov.

Personal business

Nikolay Mikhaylovich Rubtsov (1936-1971) was born in the village Emetsk Kholmogory district. The family soon moved to the district center of Nyandoma. In the summer of 1941 came the move to Vologda, where his father Nikolai Rubtsov was drafted into the army. In 1942 his mother died, and six-year-old Nicholas was in the orphanage. After finishing seven years of school Nikolay Rubtsov in Totma studied forestry in College. Then two years worked as a fireman on a fishing boat in Arkhangelsk, again studied in mining and chemical College in Kirovsk, but was expelled. From 1955 to 1959 he served in the army in the Northern fleet, was a sailor of the destroyer "Sharp". After demobilization he lived in Leningrad, worked at the Kirov plant. Became a member of the literary Association in the plant newspaper Kirovets, Rubtsov's poems appeared in the collections of the Association "First heat" in the newspaper "Evening Leningrad". In 1962 Scars releases his typewritten collection "Waves and rocks". In the same year he graduated from the school for working youth and in August, goes to the Literary Institute. But in June 1964 Nikolai Rubtsov was expelled from the Institute. In these years the poems Rubtsov published in major literary journals ("Youth", "October", "Young guard"). In 1965, Scarring is restored at the correspondence Department of the Literary Institute. In Arkhangelsk published collection of Nikolai Rubtsov "Lyrics". Then printed collections of "Star fields" (1967), "the Soul keeps" (1969), "Pines noise" (1970). In 1969, Rubtsov graduated from the Literary Institute. Began working in the newspaper "Vologda Komsomolets", has received a one-bedroom apartment in Vologda. 8 Jan 1971 Nikolay Rubtsov and his bride Lyudmila derbina filed documents to the Registrar. 19 Jan 1971 Nikolay Rubtsov was killed in a drunken brawl with Lyudmyla Darbenai.

the famous

the works of Nicholas Rubtsov receives the opposite evaluation. Unconditional admirers of his talent called him "a brilliant hope of Russian poetry" (F. Abramov), "the most important lyrical poet of his time" (V. Kozhinov), "the Holy one, highly spiritual, pure" (V. Bondarenko). Reviews from other critics completely opposite: "pseudochristians Smerdyakov" (V. Novikov). In the framework of "traditional" poetry, abandoning the complex metaphors, Nikolay Rubtsov was able to reach lyrical heights. He felt like a successor not only beloved by many close to him in spirit poets Yesenin, but also of Alexander Blok, Nikolai Klyuev, Sergei Klychkov. With Klyuev and the Klychkov's poetry Rubtsov unite the religious worship of nature, image of the peasant hut as a model of the world, the rejection of urban culture. These means Scars describes contemporary Russian village of the 1960s, which appears as a vanishing, perishing world: deserted temple, destroyed the village cemetery, rotting boat. The author understands that with the destruction of the rural world of life goes something valuable. It is noteworthy that infinity lyrics Rubtsova, apparently for the first time in many years in Russian poetry at a picture of the churches, however, are often destroyed ("Lie the ruins of the Cathedral, as if sleeping former Russia...".

what you need to know

Nikolay Rubtsov Rubtsov was, for the most part posthumously, a leader in the field of Russian poetry of the late 1960s – 1970s years referred to as "silent poetry". It arose largely in connection with disappointment, which in the mid-1960s, ended the era of "thaw". "Quiet lyrics" many opposed to himself the poetry of the Sixtiers. Instead of publicistic she prefers elegiac, instead of social progress – a return to the roots of folk culture. We can say that if the poets of the early 1960s was on the "journey of Mayakovsky", the "quiet lyrics" preferred "way Yesenin", which many of them, including Nikolai Rubtsov, truly loved. For poets this area is characterized by traditional images of Russia, epic heroes, an appeal to Orthodox symbols. They refuse to experiment in the construction of the verse, preferring underlined by a simple traditional verse. This is not to say that "silent lyrics" conformed to the official ideology of his time. She was much more "pochvennicheskaya", largely negatively assessed the destruction of the Russian peasantry in the XX century and sought to traditional moral and religious values. To this direction the Russian poetry of Nikolai Rubtsov in addition to belong to Vladimir Sokolov, Anatoly Zhigulin and Anatoly Prasolov, Stanislav kunjaev, Nikolai Tryapkin, Anatoly Peredreeva, Sergey Drotenko. Very different authors, which combines the "quiet lyrics" share a common aesthetic ideals and historical and cultural landmarks.

Direct speech

Sad Vologda sleep

dark sad earth,

, And the people of the outskirts of the ancient

are Anxious in the darkness.

my Dear! What else is

With me? Native dawn

So tomorrow I will not Wake up,

while Playing in the window, and grief.

Silent fun pipe

And dancing on the floor

And the door of the empty club

Sadly closed already.

my Dear! What else is

With me? Native dawn

So tomorrow I will not Wake up,

while Playing in the window, and grief.

And discreet dialect sad

dark sad porch.

it was All fun at first,

All was sad in the end.

On the dark siding of separation

the dark farewell auto

I hear sorrowful sounds,

Which do not hear anybody...

N. M. Rubtsov "Farewell"

"Scars one of the first opened the main, an inherent defect of the whole Soviet era - is wicked without Holiness, atheism (in the sense of absence is intuitively recognized moral law), with the ruins North of the village shining through the image of ruins of the spirit. Behind the seemingly austere lyrics Rubtsova is seems to be a very unassuming personality, just a man, flesh and blood of this rural world. But the torments that he experienced, as it were, the exposure of the Heartbreak that is far beyond the rural world - the agony of loneliness, helplessness before the chaos of life, the suffering of abandonment by God and the aching longing for Holiness and faith."

Leiderman N. L., Lipovetsky M. N. "Modern Russian literature: 1950 - 1990-ies"

4 facts about Nikolai Rubtsov

Write poems by Nikolay Rubtsov began in an orphanage. The first published poem of Nikolai Rubtsov "May come" appeared on may 1, 1957 in the newspaper "na strazhe Zapolyarya". According to the recollections of students of the Literary Institute, one Nikolay Rubtsov made a "feast" with the classics: Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, Block, removing their portraits from all floors and gathered in the room. Classmates found him "caucauses": "cheers, Alexander!.. Yours, Mikhail!..". Scars often performed his poetry with a guitar or accordion. Later, a number of poems Rubtsov became known songs which were performed as pop singers and rock musicians.

the Materials of Nikolai Rubtsov

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