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The war for the frequency

Full tape of POLIT.RU 06.01.2019 at 09:20

Full tape POLIT.RU

The state Commission on radio frequencies on Monday, December 24, is considering the use of frequencies for radio electronic means of communication of the fifth generation (5G), according to RBC. For test operators plan to allocate frequencies in the ranges of 4.8–4.99 and 27,1–27,5 GHz. The government expects the introduction of 5G communication at the end of 2019, but mobile operators are not so optimistic.

They note that the most promising frequencies for communication development of the fifth generation are employed in Russia Federal security service, the Ministry of defence and space systems. Although the use of range 24-86 GHz most promising, it is expected that the initial development of the 5G world will be associated with frequencies in the range of 3.4-3.8 GHz. However, agencies that currently occupy these frequencies are not ready to provide their mobile operators, even for tests.

the chief Vermesan /

the Director General of MegaFon Tigran, Vermesan at the event for journalists noted that the "Golden band 3,4-3,8 GHz" busy here nedelkovski users and that the industry needed a common negotiator, which will interact with the regulator and with government. "MegaFon" and "T2 RTK holding" I support the idea of the Ministry of communications to merge with other operators for the construction of a unified national network 5G. However "MTS" and "VympelCom" consider that this decision will restrict competition.

His opinion about the prospects of development in Russia, when the fifth generation and the possibility of resolving the conflict between mobile operators and law enforcement agencies with "" shared Vice President of the international Association of veterans of division of Antiterror "alpha" Alexey Filatov.

Alexey Filatov

"You know that the fifth-generation, 5G, as far as I know, is quite expensive and practically the world has never seen. And I think in life it will be mastered very quickly. First, because she just doesn't really need the 4G speeds is enough to real time to watch a movie on the big screen in very good quality, and second, its implementation is very costly.

with regard to the discussions that this frequency is good, and this frequency is bad, in the frequency range near a busy you can always find a nearby clear frequency. Although if the target device will be configured for frequencies occupied by the power structures is, of course, will further complicate the implementation of this generation of communication. We will make a breakthrough that will make the first such device for home use, I honestly don't think so.

as far As I know, such a connection exists in Korea, but there she used a very narrow circle of people. Just because it is very expensive, ten times more expensive than a 4G connection. And the 4G speeds is enough for almost any task. While I honestly don't really see prospects for the use of more expensive, albeit faster. Perhaps, if these devices spread going to be used, then should have this conversation.

Mobile stream /

I Think that in 2019 this connection in Russia will not work, as the government wanted. Might be some private communication to a limited circle of people, but no more, such mass communication in 2019 will not. Even where these networks are already built and use, I don't see a time limit of when this technology will be used widely. While we in this direction have not done anything, except for frequency, and only argue that this relationship we need and that with the end of 2019 it is necessary to work in it. In my opinion, it shapkozakidatelstvo. We have a lot of other problems of such high-tech. We have now a big problem that the transition from the analogue to the figure of 20 percent of the population will not be able to watch TV and we talk about 5G. This is how to discuss the space, without solving the problems with steam locomotives. We have to solve the problems with locomotives, and we're going to space, because "the Martians are already flying in space."

with regard to stakeholder interaction, the necessary balance between business and security. On the one hand, you can't just take the frequency and then have them and not use. On the other hand, if there is a field for business, some opportunity to earn and we do not, because I'm afraid something might not work out, it is also wrong. God taught us to share."

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