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Nissan Leaf 2011 Reviews 06.01.2019 at 19:47

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Happy New Year and merry Christmas!!! Exactly a year ago, there was an urgent need in a second car. Since I live on the outskirts of the city, and the family has two small children, leaving for work, almost always, had to leave the vehicle his wife (a kindergarten, polyclinics, hospitals, etc. who have small children they will understand). Initially considered mallarach i.e. small, economical and with a price tag of up to 200T.R. At that time about the Nissan leaf already knew a lot, watched a bunch of videos, and once again stumbled on the announcement of its sale decided, why not try it. Auctions are not considered, only what is available. The search did not last long. And in the evening the choice was the cheapest option – 2011., X, battery 68%. Most interesting is that the announcement was only on one site i.e., not duplicated, and it was not the Drome, not Craigslist, and not the Author. The seller is from Vladivostok, the time difference is 7 hours. So half the night waiting for a call. Dial-up, communication, and Deposit a few thousand sent. Then full payment. Without inspections and shipping to the transport company, the wait is about 2 weeks (instead of months), and an unexpected call from the driver of the truck. As the truck was heading for Krasnodar, the unloading has occurred to Rostov-on-don, 80km. from home. As often happens, the day before, it was raining, then hit the cold and snow. These 80km. was given is not easy. Then began a routine operation. At the first opportunity always stuck charging, because in winter the stove will not get far, and the goal, in order to save, touch is not wanted. So, for the 2 winter months we dashed around the city and suburbs is about And then the fun began - I saw the announcement of the sale of the Bodice, 2011, G, battery is 74% and most importantly - is installed Webasto (auxiliary heating). The car was sold in Vladivostok for a relatively low price, had the auction sheet-4B, imported in Russia was 5 months ago...

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