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Looking for masters of all your hands

Zadolba!whether 03.01.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Dear seeker of diversity, You are certainly not alone. But women who choose more often the process of manicure, a minority. Please understand that salons won't work obviously at a loss! And if the wizard went every day to cover the nails of the usual varnish, this varnish would be the master had! In sufficient range and operating status. Near my home, this cabin: the master is still of the order of 30 shades of nail Polish. Apparently, there is a demand.

But in the ease of use, many Amateurs prefer diversity to create it for yourself, here's the thing. Edging manicure in 20 minutes, two coats of varnish — and went pretty. Salons go unit. Not everywhere, but in many areas. Apparently, you are not lucky and your closest neighbor such that is independent.

this situation is not looking for the salon, and master. Maybe the wizard at home. The man who prefers to work with regular polishes, or which is specially for you (by arrangement) will acquire a few shades of varnish and you will be painting.

Demand creates supply, you know... Most women prefer to save their money and their time, "shoot" once per month to more to this question not to come back until the next correction. I'm one of them. I'm not happy with the fragility of the usual paint, which can leave me after washing the dishes, get scratched on a table or a wall to crumble when it bumps into the end of the nail (the door often find the ends), go to mesh cracks with a simple bend of the nail plate... And make me look like a slob at the crucial moment.

Not trying to convince you, but I personally use pill-off base, which film is removed in 10-14 days after application (just tzaraat area and pull). Fast and atraumatic for the plate. This, incidentally, allows not to go with the nasty fused blue hole for 4 weeks, brrrr. Well and eliminates seat in acetone hell. Perhaps the master cabin, which you mentioned, will be interested in this technology and it will also serve as an alternative outlet for you.

you a Variety of manicure and do not zadalbyvaet.