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There is nothing in the world of naive stupidity

Zadolba!whether 03.01.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

My zadolbali will be very simple and short. In my family recently, just a week ago, was in sorrow. New Year this year, we have not seen — we have not before. And I zadolbali people who for two days in a row napityvajut me with questions about how my new year mood and what my plans are for new year's eve. I'm not mad at those who are not aware of the situation. I am tired of those who knows everything well, and detailed details, and still ask such questions.

Yes, a week after the misfortune with the beloved person, I don't get a holiday. No Christmas table, no celebrations, no champagne under the chiming clock. No, I will not go to anyone to visit, to "unwind" and "distracted". I know — people have a holiday, and the last thing I want to spoil anyone mood its sour look. Everyone knew about this a week ago. Nevertheless, the second day I get from friends these stupid tactless messages, after which I, frankly, simply want to impose the source language.

the People, what motivates you? Don't you understand that sometimes it really is better to just remain silent, or at least be limited to a simple greeting without unnecessary hints and questions? What answer are you waiting on your stupidity?