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Hi, a tribe young, infantile!

Zadolba!whether 03.01.2019 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I'm very sorry for wanting to raise again here the theme of the cult of childhood and methods of education. But I have boiling. Boiling so that, as they say in the Internet, I burned all the chairs in the office. People, why are you doing this?

the second class Pupil forgot at home tutorial. Writing to his mother in the messenger and begin to chastise for it. Why? Children in the second grade, usually 8 years. Eight, Carl! He doesn't have his head? Why the generation of the 80's and 90's flew over the head personally, but modern children are too young to think? How is this possible? Why do I see street mothers and grandmothers leading up grandchildren from school and carrying their backpacks? Modern children are so weak that they themselves after a hard day of school not able to carry your backpack 500 metres from the house?

While in transport is a common picture when a woman with a heavy bag worth it, and child sits. The mother even tries to put the bag on his lap, or at least to lean next to him. Normal is! Baby tired! And then this same mother will be questioning why some louts around. Why the usual household chores were something out of the ordinary? The child is asked to clean HIS boots that he had t-peed while walking. Immediately drawn compassionate grandmother and shouting: "what do you mean, he's small!" — goes to clean them myself. Little to take the rag, wet the rag and wipe your shoes? Kamon when he's 4 years old maybe. But when it's schoolboy — the sort of thing he was already on the shoulder.

In summary, accustomed that he'll clean it up, in a situation when the grandmother, and the parents insist that he did, the schoolboy begins to cry that don't like him and overloaded with cases. Because they used that "he's just a boy" and doing everything for him. And so in all. To ask you to clean up the dishes — a little more. Ask to sit in with Junior a couple of hours while mom shops is still small. Recall that he also lives in the house, and accordingly, should be part of household chores to do, just shouts about the parents of despots!

At the end we have younger students that are not able to brew tea, heat your food in the microwave and even fill own bed. They even at school don't get bad marks in elementary school, because little more will be traumatized for life. From deuce. Injury. Not understanding that in any act need to answer for yourself, and not to call the mother, and injury. They grow with a feeling that they will be nothing, no matter what they did. Parents for them, and think, and do, and they can continue to stare at their tanks, or Granny in there that now it is fashionable to play.

why did You do that? Do you think that if a child is to wipe the ass until 18, at 19 he magically switches, will begin to serve myself and be able to live independently? And here and there. You're raising a generation of infantile and hysterical people who believe that the world revolves around them. And personally I care about wow, because these kids are my future employees. After all, at least some of them will go to work while I'm still of working age. And might come to work for me. And I'd be forced to keep in his office these childish, which is all to the lantern, because others simply will not with this approach.

And even, perhaps, some of these youngsters-age, the future head of my child. And from this realization takes me aback.