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The feast of disobedience and its hangover

Zadolba!whether 03.01.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Say, in the phrase: "I warned you!" — useful information is not contained. Say, I use it exclusively bad people in bad faith.

Let me introduce myself: I! What do you expect from me? I'll come to you for help? And why, indeed, should I resolve the problem, who asked not to create? The arguments asked for, remember? Remember, of course. Therefore, ran. Just because I warned you.

now, the notorious phrase at the beginning of my letter is not an attempt to show off in a white cloak. I do not care what cloak you see me. This is a requirement from me to keep up. And so, no less. Brewed themselves disentangle themselves. Ah, it is not good to refuse a man who asks for help?

After the man from my care refused, when it was still possible to resolve the situation without loss (or with minimal losses), to contact me again for help — a dirty trick. Zadolbali lovers first to speak disparagingly about others ' attempts to alert, and then cry on your shoulder: "so what do I do now?!" To answer for the consequences, damn it! By not hiding behind my skirt.


Examples in every life enough. Won't they pollute the air.