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Those who love themselves to live and others to "give life"

Zadolba!whether 04.01.2019 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Well, that died down the New year, there are still a few days of the war. The war between those who have the weekend, and those who interfere with rapid celebration thereof. I'm talking about the elderly, who are not able to buzz all night under Verka Serduchka or Russian rap (and why), about young children who are simply unable to sleep through the night, about those who have no output (sales workers, doctors, police, transport).

I understand, the holiday many. But let's be honest, you crank the bass that hit a few floors up and down, if you have a flat sleeping children? And my mum switched on? And if the wife to work the first day? No, no and no. So why until you realize that the neighbors can be those of older mothers, small children, the need to be able to at least sleep in earplugs? Or just not your side?

If your mom complains that some group of idiots making it difficult to sleep until five in the morning, and now her blood pressure — you are surely going to deal. Then why so much outrage, when someone comes to you to understand? Those who can you prevent their too rapid a celebration, too, mom, children, different need, which needs to sleep.

Oh, I hear a familiar: "Well, once a year, and you can suffer". Sorry, not ohreneli you to dictate how I spend my weekend? If you make noise so that I Wake up the baby (which, I must say, sleeping all night is still in the hospital, that is not a sissy), then he will get off schedule. Probably all families at least once passed it, at least with teeth.

Remember how awesome to Wake up in the evening and night, and understand that neither walk out nor the stores are not working. And if that long-awaited holiday, when scheduled to meet with relatives and friends — you have all the plans to cancel. And now, go out of the house without eating and not going outside, not to mention himself and quietly with its terms?

And all this just because some idiots said too loudly, and now a couple of weeks instead of relaxing you have confusion with the return of the child to normal routine. Or, for example, because of poor sleep elderly grandmother still left with the pressure in the hospital. It turns out that we'll spend all weekend there. You'd think that in a rush to sacrifice their holiday for the sake of another. And I'm not talking about how to safely ride the bus, whose driver fell asleep at the wheel.

no One stops to celebrate, but damn it, it is possible to do it at least twice as quiet? So you can sleep at least earplugs. Zadolbalo fans to celebrate so that the walls were shaking.

Go into the deep forest and in the city you are not alone live in.