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Who wants to — looking for opportunities. Who does not want — is looking for the guilty

Zadolba!whether 04.01.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I recently had the same zadolbalis student.

But only my padovanoti overshadowed by the fact that I was the head of the group.

have Created a group page VC, there is General conversation, to bring the orders of the administration, fulfilling my duty. To time saw some changes, the information that can change the life of a student per minute, for example, suddenly assigned to a seminar in the morning, to which we must prepare. Begins...

"Tomorrow you need to bring so-and-so." Half not bring. A particularly blatant saying "you could call, to warn." While photos from the night clubs post all night, and read the message in the chat do not bother.

"after 3 days off. Questions to offset on the Institute's website". Needless to say that the half-group is not passed the test, because they are too lazy to go to the website and download the questions. But charges later in my address: I will be able to download the file and put. Next time post the file. New charges: we had to put a message, my Word is not open, everything is buggy, the system should be taken down, etc. Posted a "Yes, what do you have for the idiots, they are on the website of the Institute".

Wrote thesis project, a matter of days. Issued to all the requirements for registration. And here assigned overcurrent and compliance assessment. The part is not an ad nobody reads. The rest, have not fulfilled the requirements, began to contact me every personal question: "And what font? And exactly this size? Can less? And more? But if I didn't like the font, can the other?" To requests to read the manuals say: "Well, you it's hard to tell in your own words?"

Tired, shut down the PM from these fools. As a result, in their stretched on the protection of the threes was again accused me: "But that it was difficult to say? I don't have time to read VC".

said that people who every five minutes has posted a selfie and post funny public with the seals... the honors that do not store their pages, and no questions asked and everyone was looking for themselves, and sometimes told me if any information has been updated.

And these... Well, if a person is too lazy to go online and see tomorrow's schedule, how it will work? I feel sorry for them, but they zadolbali!