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Thinking of others is the first step to perfection

Zadolba!whether 04.01.2019 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

And I zadolbali "optimization" of the transport on holidays. In town for the third cut trams: neither early morning nor late in the evening not to go and not wait 5-10 minutes and 15-20.

But it's not so bad. The bus to the next town too, instead of half an hour you have to wait an hour and then have to go to the final stop, because the road is guaranteed not to sit down. To get to the final stop, it is necessary to take another bus, which, apparently, has decided to cancel altogether.

the Schedule of trains, too, SUDDENLY decided to move. The most convenient time of the train, which previously came at 9:15, now comes in 9:05.

Given the rest of the Christmas transport the world's end, to make it absolutely impossible. Next comes too late.

the Question is, for whom is it done? For you may be news, but soundly kaldirac within ten days not all.

oddly enough, many on holidays work, including in the field of life, and someone just wants to sit and stick to the eating salads.

Think about them.