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Gifts as the tribute of the vanquished

Zadolba!whether 04.01.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

And here again the fucking holidays with their fucking traditions of gift-giving. Zadolbali have it all!

At work, have to make a list of gifts to partners, so as not to fly in the negative, because there are many partners, and cakes I return back to the budget will not put. And, in General, they anyone nafig not surrendered, because we are either good and fruitful work, or disagree, and no gifts.

Relatives husband requires gifts. Five of them, two of us. Fork over five full of gifts, and get one dubious pseudo-gift from the "it was on the mezzanine of 10 years and not useful" and one ugly souvenir (that's me) also sucks. With all sorts of birthdays and other eighth Marti the same story. Why four working people can't normally give two at least once a year — I don't know.

And it's not just respect and love. They just want gifts. And we, like, do not want, we can trash some to throw. And, you can tell a son of nasty things about the daughter. They say, we do not like them, respect and gifts we have bad. Apparently, two pairs of Slippers from a network of hypermarket they consider a good act of love, but the new sofa, not so much. In the end, with the in-laws we deal only in "neprazdnichnye" time.

My family, too, not sugar. With mom it's easy, I told her a thousand — it me a thousand times and everything seems happy. But there is a brother is a moron. First, he likes to give "Deposit", say, I to you this expensive gift, and then you told me the same, here is a list of what I want. But to me the expensive gifts at the end nafig not surrendered, because I'm one of those who do not need much and "who have everything" and junk in the house I simply do not tolerate even expensive. Why brother can't just buy what he wants, but to me it is banal to exchange money, I don't know.

Every year I talk to him five times on this subject and nothing. The second problem is that he believes his gifts are awesome, and then I struggle. He loves to give technique. But the technique often turns out to be unnecessary or require very expensive accessories, consumables and maintenance. He often gives gifts, which he himself enjoys and expects that I will give him something else. It gives alcohol, which he vyklevyvajut.

Sick of it all. I do think that for the holidays is to get away from people. Or invent a religion, what that would say, well, sorry, my religion forbids gifts to accept. But not all, but only those that are made from the heart, not from the fact that "what holiday is like without presents?"