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Zadolba!whether 05.01.2019 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

You May be right, and if the study will be only those whose parents are unable to pay, come the Apocalypse. In America and many other countries where that is the case, however has not yet come.

But, if you'll allow me, I will tell you my personal experience. No claim to generalization. That's not a bit.

After school, I and some of my classmates tried to go to med school. Three managed to pass in the country's best medical school. I oktas gleaning, and paid in the med were too tough for my parents. So went in the end to learn in a completely bastard paid the University. Twenty years later not remember a single Professor. There was nothing to remember. People just competently (and not always) told from memory books. People were interested, learned themselves.

one of us four (me and my classmates) were in medicine? J.

And the other three? Graduates of the med?

Peter — organizer of public health. Accountant in a white coat.

Tanya does not return from maternity leave. Last I heard, five children. Well done, that's great. But what she needed was a diploma of honey and a certificate of residency?

Bob we have uchony, works at the Institute, to find out why teenagers smoke and drink. However, obtained exactly the same data as in Germany, America and France forty years ago. But all of a sudden?! It Vasin Institute of hands of the Ministry of health inhibits "domasnih" smokers pictures on the packs. And you this high, haha, science pay.

these three doctors over the last 15 years have not seen a single patient, dear enemy free education received at your expense stipend, travel benefits, and education itself.

Those who work with forerectile? Also, if you take my friends, in the most studied on the budget.

They do not mind seven or eight years thrown down the drain. They don't poke paid for by the Institute of mother and father. They do not mind that the same salary you can get after graduating from College without any complaints.

the Patients? For Baptism we have always opened "liver week". Five years in one place and have never had otherwise. People booze all the holidays, then drank mineral water a bit of sugar with essential phospholipids. It did not help. Hurts. Here by the 20th January will be pulled string, yellow-skinned. Very surprised by the question, why drinking two weeks in a row. How could it be otherwise?! Where is the vodka, there is a holiday!

No, not proletarians. Middle managers basically. The freebie — and the state clinic, and we paid by employer policy. The fact that free treatment is not equal drunkenness, no health effects comes later and not to all.

That we have when it is gone.

So don't argue with your point of view about what higher education VAS, tan and sing this together. Just to pay for their studies and reduced fare not want.