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Zadolba!whether 07.01.2019 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Professionals! Accountants, lawyers, consultants and their ilk!

Explain why you are so eager to get a client who pays you regularly? Why can't just answer a specific question through email and get paid for it, adequate time spent and complexity of the issue?

I am a consultant, and of course, also prefer regular customers one-off. But I work with large and medium enterprises. Those who have more money than individuals.

Your target audience is ordinary people, not millionaires. Well, not to be in the world so many rich people and companies, how many of you are divorced. You need to accept and adapt to the demand.

If you really know their stuff, can answer any question quickly and accurately, perhaps by asking clarifying questions, provided, of course, that the customer's question on the merits. But I asked just that. Which means your expenses are minimal, and due to the large number of such issues you could earn good money.

you all begin the same song. "Oh, a tough question, we need to meet to see the documents." First, what's so difficult for the professional who with such deals every day, unlike me. Secondly, all such meetings are attempts to get me to sign up for regular service, "and we will do everything." And I'd can happy and even willing to pay, how many will say, if you somehow were responsible for the quality of their work. If I did not have, years later, to find out that you screwed up and answer me now. And so not single and not a couple you, alas.

No, I'd rather do everything myself, at least no one to blame but himself. I just need specific answers to specific questions, quickly and cheaply.

Or maybe you are not that professionals, eh?