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Dutch seismologist: in near future there will be an earthquake of magnitude 8 points

NEWS PLANET 04.01.2019 at 12:45

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According to the statement of the scientist, our planet is suffering the destructive influence of the Sun and Saturn. Last earthquake in Alaska was caused by the planets gravitational pull of cosmic bodies has adversely affected the flow of the earth's processes. About it reports the portal "news of the world".

the Dutch seismologist Frank Hoogerbeets said that will happen very soon, an earthquake of magnitude 8 points. To compile its forecast, the researchers used the index of the geometry of the Solar system, which takes into account the position of the moon, planets and the Sun.

For three years the expert tracked the relationship between the location of celestial bodies and earthly cataclysms. As proof of his theory Frank causes tremors in Alaska. In his opinion, this earthquake is preceded by stronger seismic activity.

At the same time, John Bellini of the us Geological survey of the United States notes that people have no technology that would allow us to predict earthquakes. Consequently, all the statements such as the theory of Hoogerbeets, is nothing more than speculation.