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Chinese lunar Rover sent pictures back of the moon: the moon was in the photo are brown, not grey

NEWS PLANET 04.01.2019 at 13:29

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Scientists first saw the dark side of the moon up close. It became possible thanks to the Chinese probe "Chang'e-4", which is January 3, landed on the satellite.

the Surface of our natural satellite, by the way, not surprised experts: it was not huge craters, or clusters of stones. In the pictures some desert stone with shallow depressions. About it reports the portal "news of the world".

it is Noteworthy that the probe did one photo in color. It turned out that the Moon has a surface brown, not gray, as everyone used to think. Previously, this feature was recorded by the Chinese lunar Rover "Jade hare" in 2013. However, if the device is off the other side illuminated by the Sun.

the First picture of the moon close-up scientists received at 11:40 Beijing time. The probe revealed the apparatus for shooting after landing in the coordinates 177,6 degrees East longitude and 45.5 degrees South latitude, which is near crater Pocket.

according to specialists from China, the landing of "Chang'e-4" will allow you to determine the particular appearance of the moon.