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Scientists are sounding the alarm: in the Northern hemisphere has decreased windflow

NEWS PLANET 04.01.2019 at 17:24

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Scientists fear that soon in the Northern hemisphere it will be impossible to use windmills as a source of renewable energy. The problem is that the flow of wind every year is weakening. Thus, the decrease of the velocity of the mass is especially noticeable if to compare these indicators with data for 1979. During this short period of time windflow decreased by 67%. About it reports the portal "news of the world".

scientists are Especially worried about China, because in China, the largest number of wind power plants. For today it is established that in Asia the productivity of wind turbines decreased by 30%. Europe is not far behind in these parameters.

by Chinese scientists with their foreign colleagues, trying to find the cause of the problem. One theory holds that delay air masses the wind turbines themselves: allegedly they are too many. According to another version, the reason lies in the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which completely changes the ecology of the earth. It is also possible that the decrease windflow influenced by several factors.

it is Noteworthy that Japan and the United States slowly return to NPP and TPP. Do alternative methods of producing electricity ineffective?