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Near the moon, there was something inexplicable

NEWS PLANET 05.01.2019 at 15:53

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The author of the YouTube channel "Lunar Quest", said that he saw in his home telescope, a real anomaly hovering above the Moon object. Amateur astronomer immediately grabbed the camera to share with the world by observation.

no One can really explain what I saw man in my equipment. According to one theory, conspiracy theorists and ufologists, over the Moon was an alien craft. And, according to another version, the humanoids are the natural companion of the Earth have erected some kind of structure. About it reports the portal "news of the world".

the Skeptics, in turn, believe that the man photographed ordinary illusion associated with partial illumination of the crater the crater or some mountains. By the way, last time, Amateur astronomers have started to notice too often on the moon some anomalies. This is due, primarily, with the availability of telescopes: anyone can purchase the necessary equipment.

every year fewer and fewer people believe the statements by NASA, the researchers are confident that the space Agency hides many of the details. Recently landed on the opposite side of the moon Chinese lunar Rover will help to find out why USA in the last century stopped the study of our satellite. Maybe they was scared of something?