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Terrible frosts and snowfalls pastor from the USA predicted apocalyptic weather events

NEWS PLANET 05.01.2019 at 18:49

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According to preacher Paul Bagley, from the East will come soon record cold that will be the harbingers of the second coming of Jesus. Bad weather coming to the United States and Europe. It will be the cause of the polar vortex – a region of reduced pressure with ice-cold polar air. Something similar has already been observed in 2014. About it reports the portal "news of the world".

because of the polar vortex in some areas air temperature will fall to -30°C with frost will occur and snowfall, which will damage some infrastructure.

Paul Bagley notes that the evidence to him enough in the Scriptures. In addition, the snow storms started talking and forecasters. The first to suffer the inhabitants of great Britain: element fall this month.

On the terrible frost is written in the Bible. They are supposedly so strong that people need to literally survive. Authorities need to take serious measures to stabilize the situation.

the Snow is one of 19 years of predictions concerning the coming of Jesus. However, despite the various Scriptures, the words of the preacher – these are only speculations, which have nothing in common with the findings of scientists.