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Strange footprint in the sub-Antarctic: the photographs of snow-covered area noticed two smooth lines

NEWS PLANET 06.01.2019 at 09:33

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One user made an interesting discovery when reviewing satellite images of the subantarctic. In the archipelago South sandwich Islands was seen for two flat strips extending parallel to each other. According to the anonymous user, this is clearly someone's trail. About it reports the portal "news of the world".

Strange discovery is at the point with the following coordinates: 54°39'45.0"S 36°11'41.6"W. When viewing the pictures one gets the impression that the area was the fall of the UFO. The alien ship as seen in the photo, made in the form of capsules. It is not excluded that the device NASA.

At the moment it is not known whether the object is in the same place or has taken it. Skeptics believe that the object is a piece of rock that has moved down from nearby hill. Unfortunately, it is impossible to accurately determine the nature of anomaly is only one of the pictures in the application "Google Maps". An expedition to investigate questionable findings no equip will not.