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Mission to Mars: a search for candidates for voluntary death

NEWS PLANET 06.01.2019 at 16:23

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Five years is a set of people to Mars in the mission "Mars One". You need a total of 24 people, at the moment of wishing 4200 of the remaining 100 candidates.

the Colonization of the red planet organizes a Dutch company. The first flight should take place in 2023. This mission was organized, when NASA sent to Mars unmanned spacecraft. By the way, NASA scientists also plan to soon land on the Red planet astronauts. About it reports the portal "news of the world".

it is Important to note that the plan is "Mars One" does not apply to the mission of Elon musk "Big Falcon", the implementation of which is planned in 2022. According to Mary roach, public relations-the Manager of the program "Mars One", if all goes well, a reality show filmed on Mars, will attract a huge audience.

K. Radzik, a candidate for participation in the project, said that the flight to another planet is an opportunity to get away from the dull routine. However, while flying under a big question because of the small budget in the hands of leaders only 1 billion dollars, while you need at least 6.

the Astronauts will not only have to learn the basics of survival, but also to undergo psychological preparation, after all, a return ticket on the Ground will not.