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Scientists are trying to unravel the mystery of the anomalies Foo Fighters

NEWS PLANET 06.01.2019 at 17:20

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Pilots of world war II saw in the sky strange lights, which have gained a white, red, green, or orange shade. A strange sphere was confusing the military, as was moving on the same parallel with the planes. Then the anomaly that scientists are trying to unravel to this day, called Foo fighters. About it reports the portal "news of the world".

the First data on the spheres appeared in 1944, then they told the pilots of the anti-Hitler coalition. Mysterious lights were spotted over the Pacific and in Europe. Periodically, the sphere changed the speed and intensity of the glow. The military feared that sphere when something crashes into the plane, but that did not happen.

Some pilots assumed that the objects collected information about the movement of military vessels. At the moment we know that the anomaly Foo fighters safe. She had collected some data and disappeared.

According to the findings of scientists, the lights could be an optical illusion or secret weapon. It is also possible, scope has developed the USSR for tracking UFOs.