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The concept of "nerezinovoy of the Earth": the experts have figured out how to deal with the overpopulation of the planet

NEWS PLANET 07.01.2019 at 09:52

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Popular blogger Valentin Hagenow said that God made a mistake in the creation of the world: he thought that over time the allotted space for human activity is small. The land is not rubber, so now it's time to think about how to prevent overpopulation. About it reports the portal "news of the world".

According to the findings of scientists, by 2050 the planet will live almost 10 billion people. And this at a time when forage base will be reduced due to a changing climate. People will eat literally everything, leaving nature the slightest chance of recovery.

the Only way out, according to Galanova, is to start the exploration of other planets. Blogger sure enough in space planets similar to ours. However not the fact that for them there is no life.

you Can take the planet Titan, where there is atmosphere but no oxygen. For scientists of the future pumping life-giving substance should not be a problem. Colonization need to do it now because later will be too late: people will just eat each other, and the Earth will become a desert.