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- Than the last office party ended? And I don't remember...

Shnyaga.No - educational-entertainment blog 08.01.2019 at 06:44

Shnyaga.No, informative and entertaining blog


While the plumber Sidorov came from work to home, inflation ate, drank and partially smuggling all his pay.

Russia threatened the US with retaliatory sanctions - in particular, Medvedev promised to abandon the new iPhone!

- Hey, you can talk about something other than retirement age?


okay well, let's talk about fishing!

- I also thought, I retire, I'll go fishing, and now to this fishing shit live.

...and then I quit drinking and wife, who his whining killed my love for alcohol.

not to get sick with avian influenza,

doctors advise before eating, thoroughly wash the eggs.

- Than the last office party ended? And I don't remember.

- I don't remember, but the boys told me about how you got drunk and on the table

Striptease dance.

- they Lie! I do not know how a Striptease dance!

- so they said - do not know.

I'm not against raising the retirement age, but only provided that pensioners will lose the right to govern the state!

I Hate when going about your business, and you take your hands and begin to squeeze.

- Murzik 5 years.

Childhood is when the trees were big...

... and the belly is a little...

The world's longest noodles cooked by a TV crew...

... to reports about the retirement age.

the girl having a guy depends on the questioner.

the Union of prostitutes of Russia said that the deputies and officials will leave the most experienced and well-earned retirement has attained the age of 63 years.

And we present to you the latest mosquito repellent — plate "Raptor". Take one plate, put it under the tongue, and all... Mosquitoes disappear... dinosaurs, butterflies, bears and Gypsies..