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Analytical review on 8.01.2019

Portal Forex trader 07.01.2019 at 22:59

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Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 8.01.2018


On a pair of EURGBP stopped at 0,8945 and formed pattern Inner bar. The overall trend is upward and should expect the resumption of growth. But I think that will continue to fall. Look at sales of day at the break of the support level.


On the Silver price stopped at a good resistance level of 15.60. Beautiful Price Action pattern here is not painted, but will probably start a correction back to the area of 14,50. Possible course the prices are pretty good. And I think you should look at the sales.

the Fundamental news of the ATP Shanghai Composite + 0.72 percent, the Shenzhen Composite + 1,71%, the Hang Seng Index + 0,82% KOSPI + 1.34 PERCENT S&P/ASX 200 + 1,14% Nikkei 225 + 2,44%

Asian markets rose on Monday on upbeat expectations for the cessation of a trade war between the US and China. In the morning in Beijing began to work two-way. The first results of the negotiations are expected today during the day.

the morning investors evaluate the change in Australia's trade deficit and expect results in a rate of accommodation of gobongo Japan.

the U.S. Dow Jones + 0.42 percent, the NASDAQ + 1,26% S&P 500 +0.7% of

the First day of negotiations in China without negative news items have allowed American investors to continue buying in the stock market, started on Friday. The main stake was made on the field of trade, enabling the retailer Amazon to overtake Microsoft and take first place for capitalization in the United States.

Today will be the final round of bilateral U.S.-Chinese talks, aimed at ending the trade war among the States. The damage from the previously imposed increased fees can be assessed according to the current data:

the volume of import/export and trade balance –16-30 GMT the Number of vacancies in the labour market – 18-00 GMT Eurozone the DAX up 0.18 percent, the CAC40 index is 0.38%, the FTSE100 – 0,39% Prime Minister Theresa may arrived for a private meeting of Conservative party of great Britain for consultations on Brakcet before the debate in Parliament

European investors concerned by the decision of Theresa may about the launch of the debate in Parliament on Prexit – it could cost her the post, a UK exit from the European Union without any conditions. In the course of trading on Tuesday, stock markets in Europe can no longer ignore the results of the meeting of the commissions of the U.S.-China and news at:

the industrial output of Germany – 10-00 GMT the unemployment rate and retail sales in Switzerland 11-15 MSK Index of housing prices in the UK

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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