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2 opinions. If I rossory, I will have a chance with him

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 03.01.2019 at 21:00

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In 2018, the mutual friend I met one guy. I really liked it, very much. But from a common friend I learned that he has a girlfriend, and he's getting married. I know I have no chance. And you can not behave, but I had an obsession to destroy their happiness, to embroil them. Previously, for all 26 years, I did not notice this. I have a mania, I'm following his bride in social networks. Looking at her compromising. I know you will say leave them alone, live your life. But, you know, I really liked it. Who knows, if it wasn't for her, maybe we have something happened. But if I succeed, and I rossory, then I have no one and nothing will disturb. I created a fake social network page. And I pestered the girl, came up with the lie that I am a longtime friend of her boyfriend, and we dated. I don't know whether she believed or not. But then it is the social network removed the page. They broke up. But then again reconciled. I realized that there's nothing I can do and mock them. But I was haunted by their happiness. To talk I have no friends, no parents. Have a girlfriend, but I don't like to bother people with my problems. Used to always carry, and people to portray themselves as the strong person. All tired. I want to kill myself, because I realize the futility of his life. Yes, have a job, have their own housing. But I'm so lonely and useless. A man appeared, whom I waited so long, and it is not free. Today's thought: if I go, I even no one will look. I am a lonely man. I have no one. I am alone, and when he appeared, I thought here, there's someone I've waited all these years. Maybe because with the other and couldn't do anything. I do not want to live, life is meaningless and empty and I have nothing to fill. And to get acquainted with someone, to forget, I cannot and do not want. Intellectually I understand that to behave is impossible. But I was haunted by their happiness. I don't know what to do, how to distract yourself. It's like a kind of madness. Maybe true, I'm losing my mind. I saw him and lost himself, he became the meaning of life, a breath of air. Don't know how to explain it with words. We really don't even know him, but mutual friends told him about it. And you know, it is precisely those qualities, which I appreciate. Now about his bride-to-be, I made inquiries from reliable sources. She's older than him, she's from the province and he lives in St. Petersburg. They met at the cottage, his cottage. He went to the cottage with friends, and she works as a seller in the store. Everyone is saying that she wants to marry him due to the fact that he is wealthy, he has everything. And she's older than him, a girl from a poor family. Do not think that I was also interested in his material prosperity. I myself have everything. I have need of nothing, one the only thing I need is a honest relationship. Help, please, I can't forget him. I have tried everything but I can't. And you know, maybe if next to him was a girl who deserved him and sincerely would have loved it, then maybe I would not interfere here. And here it will be a marriage of convenience. And he is a man of gullible, easily fooled. I don't know what to do.

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