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Igor Chubakha in 27 books (1998-2019) FB2

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Igor Viktorovich Chubaka (12.04.1964, Kharkiv, Ukraine), he graduated from St. Petersburg state University. He worked as Deputy chief editor of the newspaper "Advertising Chance"; Current place of work - chief editor of the newspaper "Astok – business week".

...In St. Petersburg remains a sufficient number of citizens are earning a living from occult Sciences. All of the women of Mani, Ivanov magicians, healers, sorcerers, astrologers... they All quietly make a fool of people, and have on this sturdy piece of butter. Characters like crooks make up the background of the novel.

However, reside in St. Petersburg and genuine black sorcerers and other evil spirits. She prefers to be buried underground, in the tunnels and catacombs of the underground, there, "where the crosses of churches are seen". Oversee the vermin, so she had to go put a top-secret division of the police Department — ISSAYA (the Study of Anomalous Phenomena). The head of the secret Department, Maksim Maksimych, for some time begins to notice that his Department is not all right. In the city begin to curtail the activities of many sects and mystical aktiviziruyutsya radical group.

Another character — Antiques dealer Alex gets an unusual order to find lost in the oprichnina relic. The customer, as it turns out, was made by a black magician Peredery.

Each of the characters because of their professional experience begins to investigate what is happening in the city "oddities"... (Ash and gold Akela).