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The mysterious toast of Josef Stalin, uttered in honour of the Russian people

Pectrum 09.01.2019 at 09:19

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Stalin's Toast, which he spoke in the Kremlin in 1945, exists in three versions. It is believed that after pronouncing Stalin personally made the edits. The Newspapers got the edited version.

On the meaning of toast historians still argue. Someone claims that Stalin expressed his sincere admiration. Others believe that the Commander intends to downplay the contribution of small nationalities in a boiler victory.

"the great Russian people." M. Khmelko

the Appeal to the Soviet people

Great Patriotic war was a severe test not only for people but also for guidance. Lavrenti Beria wrote in his diaries: "the Second war I will not stand". Organized a reception in the St. George hall of the Kremlin, was particularly solemn.

the Controversial toast Stalin said at the end of the feast. According to the transcript, which allegedly declassified in zero, only the Commander in chief said five of toast. In General, solemn line was the same: were celebrated commanders of the red Army. Marshal Georgy Zhukov was the center of attention.

after midnight, Joseph Stalin raised a toast to the Russian people. As shown by the transcript, the newspaper published an edited version. In fact, he sounded different. What is the newspaper version differs from the transcript?

Stalin's Toast: three source

According to historians, insisting on the authenticity of the transcripts, real toast Stalin actually recognized the mistakes of the leadership. Newspapers, for example, smoothed out the emphasis that the Commander in chief has done on the failures command. In General, the intention of the toast has remained constant: the leadership of the Soviet people — Russian people.

Some historians believe that there is a third version of the question. The manuscript, compiled personally by Joseph Stalin. A draft would help to resolve disputes, but the manuscript is still not found.

the bone of contention — meaning that Stalin put in the words "great Russian people". The purpose for which the Commander deliberately singled the Russian out of the total number of the nationalities that constituted the Soviet population? Historians question to answer in different ways.

thought Stalin on the Russian people?

a Number of historians toast seems sincere and well-founded gratitude. Yes, Stalin singled out the Russian people from the Soviet. However, the reasons he had. The war is really the greatest losses suffered the Russian population. In General, the USSR is the Russians — the vast majority. It is logical that Stalin gave a tribute to the people who became the "iron range" of the red Army. Historians emphasize that Stalin was never a nationalist was, moreover, he advocated the creation of an international state. In the "report of the seventeenth party Congress on the work of the Central Committee of the CPSU" (volume 3, page 318) you can see the following words:

"...the deviation towards nationalism is the adaptation of the internationalist policy of the working class to the nationalist policy of the bourgeoisie. The deviation towards nationalism reflects the attempts of "their", "national" bourgeoisie to undermine the Soviet system and restore capitalism. The source of both gradients, as you can see, General. This is a departure from Leninist internationalism..."

Other group of historians believes that the Chief deliberately singled out the Russian people and did not mention the other nationalities. Stalin wanted to emphasize that we won the war not the Soviet ideology and Russian national patriotism. As evidence historians cite the fact that Stalin during the war he personally abolished the Chechen ASSR and deported most of the population. However, the Republic was disbanded for obvious reasons: the population collaborated with the Nazis could not be trusted.

Some historians and journalists tend to believe that in Stalin's toast need not to look for subtext. The commander just summed up the heavy war and publicly encouraged people. Thus, it was made with a pragmatic purpose. Stalin simply wanted to remove social tension.

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