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The Network has ridiculed the Wallpaper of Yekaterinburg with grammatical errors

View 09.01.2019 at 11:57

Business newspaper "Sight"

Ekaterinburg cameraman Sergei Sedegov announced that it had acquired is released in the Urals Wallpaper Ekaterinburg, later they find grammatical errors.

"I Bought without looking deshmanskie Wallpaper in the pantry, and there won th," wrote the man, post a photo Wallpaper.

the Wallpaper depicts the circus, skyscraper "Vysotsky" and the residence of the Plenipotentiary representative of Russian President in the Urals Federal district. The pictures are accompanied by inscriptions in English. "In the Urals is the city, we are proud of them, and who visit here will understand us," says one of them. While phrases contain grammatical errors and punctuation errors, for example, the word "be" is written as "bi".

According the Wallpaper released in the pulp and paper plant in Turinsk Sverdlovsk region. Mistakes in English in the enterprise was explained by the fact that the Russian phrase translated via the online translator. "This is a collection of 2017. The idea belongs to our designer Marina Urbanboy. Wallpaper cities is now in the trend, we decided to start with the Yekaterinburg", – told in the sales and marketing business.

According to representatives of factory, the paper Wallpaper of Yekaterinburg is available in four colors: beige, green, lilac and blue. Series sold well not only in the Sverdlovsk region, but also outside the region – products are taken to the Novosibirsk, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Ulan-Ude and abroad – in Kazakhstan.