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There is Antisana where time goes in the opposite direction

NEWS PLANET 09.01.2019 at 11:10

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According to physicists, the Big Bang also created Antiveleni, which is characterized by the opposite over time. According to Express, the space so called "antimatter" consists of antimatter. From this it follows that the Big Bang occurred, equal amounts of matter and antimatter. At the moment scientists are studying this question. About it reports the portal "news of the world".

According to the new theory, antimatter is concentrated mainly in antimatter. It has been there since the inception of the cosmos. In addition, experts from the Institute of theoretical physics, in Ontario, said the new discovery may explain some points regarding dark matter, which makes up approximately 95% of all space.

Physicists have long assumed the existence of antimatter, because without it the law is broken P-symmetry. He States that physical science is constant, when time, space and matter antimatter reversed.

This law was violated at the Big Bang, as there was a rapid expansion of space. But then, the normal flow of processes recovered: two of the universe balance each other.

of Course, scientists still have to clarify a lot of details, the lack of which now not allows to link together the open facts.