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Power of the Shenyang demonstrate the pursuit of modernization and development Breaking news 09.01.2019 at 20:14

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Authority of the city of Shenyang, which is the center of northeast China in recent years has taken a number of measures aimed at optimization of the regional management and improving the quality of public services. Demonstrating a commitment to modernization and development, the city is working to create a first-class business environment.

on 2 January 2019 press conference under the theme of "Promotion of development of private economy" Manager of the Shenyang Department for the creation of a business environment Janpan Yan (Yan Zhanfeng) Otmetim that Shenyang the last two years is actively increasing its efforts to optimize conditions for doing business.

a Few years ago the problem of the business climate, especially standing in Northern China, attracted the attention of the General public. The low quality of services of inspection and permitting authorities, the high cost of enterprise management and lack of trust in the authorities impeded the flow of investment into Shenyang.

According to the official report of the propaganda Department of the municipal Committee of Shenyang, the city's leadership over the past two years has taken a number of fundamental and specific measures to eliminate those adverse events.

According to the President of Guangdong chamber of Commerce in Shenyang Chen Vansana (Chen Wenxian): "We feel the determination and commitment of local authorities to action." He also stressed that the business environment in the city is gradually improving. At the end of last year the Shenyang published an open letter to local private entrepreneurs in response to actual problems of business and society, in which he proposed a number of clear measures for the protection and support of investments and development of commercial activities in the city.

last year, the President and CEO of Brilliance BMW Automobile Co., Ltd. Landa Wei (Wei Lande) announced plans of the BMW Group to expand its activities in the region, noting that the only plant for manufacturing engines companies outside Europe is located in Shenyang. He also shared his impressions of doing business in the city: "we Have never had any negative experiences in the process of cooperation with local authorities, and we strongly believe in the future."

the Statistics of the Shenyang Committee on reform and development show that for the period from January to November 2018, the investment in fixed assets increased by 16.4%. Number of projects value over 100 million yuan increased from 600 at the beginning of the year to 1 074, i.e., as compared to the same period of the previous year the growth amounted to 70.2%. Simultaneously continues to expand and the market. As of the end of November 2018, the city was was 161 000 new business.

As noted by Mr. Yan Junifen in your speech, in the future, the government of Shenyang will focus on three aspects of the implementation of special measures to optimize the business climate: standardization activities of public authorities, the modernization platform of public services and the institutionalization of government services. The city is also planning to increase the scale of self-creation of the departments of public services and increase the level of operational management.

"with an emphasis on optimization of public administration and service, and establishing long-term mechanisms to promote high-quality and efficient business climate in strict accordance with the current legislation, the authorities of Shenyang, intend to form a business environment characterized by "friendliness, safety, and usefulness for business", thus stimulating the overall development of regional economy and society," said Mr. Yang.

By the end of this year, Shenyang aims to achieve a level of 50 leading economies according to the world Bank and to join the ranks of cities with world-class business environment.