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Kommersant: Gazprombank updates monitoring of the banking press 09.01.2019 at 09:00

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Gazprombank, one of three largest Russian banks and 2018, upgraded retail unit, begins to reform the corporate team of the unit. Oxana Panchenko to the post of first Vice-President will oversee the corporate lending capacity of 3.6 trillion. She has worked in the financial field for over 20 years, but only in private institutions, and now a top Manager will have to adapt to the corporate culture of quasi-public Bank.

that Oksana Panchenko, left, MTS Bank and goes to work in Gazprombank (GPB), said several sources. This information was confirmed by GPB. "Oksana Panchenko joined Gazprombank team in the rank of first Vice-President and subordinate Deputy Chairman Alexei Matveev will oversee the corporate credit unit of the Bank",— explained there. According to the GPB statements according to IFRS for the nine months 2018 corporate lending accounts for 88% of the loan portfolio is 3.6 trillion. "I Hope that my competence and experience will not only help to consolidate the existing position of the Bank, but will allow you to develop new business areas",— said "Kommersant" the Oksana Panchenko.

Gazprombank — quasi-public Bank, controlled by "Gazprom" and its affiliated structures. According to "Interfax", in the third quarter of 2018 ranked third in terms of assets (RUB 5.9 trillion).

Oxana Panchenko is working in banking sector since 1995. Beginning his career in Bank Austria Aktiengesellschaft. In 1997 came at Raiffeisenbank, who left after 20 years in the position of Board member, supervisor of corporate customer service. In 2017-2018, was the head of corporate units of banks "St.-Petersburg" and "GLOBEKS". In July 2018 he joined in MTS-Bank, where on 1 November was appointed Chairman of the Board.

in fact, the appointment of a new top Manager — is a continuation of the upgrade of the Bank's team. Personnel changes in GPB began a little more than a year ago, with the advent of the post of Chairman of the Board Vadim Kulik, who has worked for a long time in the savings Bank and VTB 24 (see "Kommersant" on 30 October 2017). Before him was the task of the technological reforms of the credit institution, and in the first phase of changes occurred in the retail unit. "Gazprombank has embarked on a transformation and renewal team,— said the head of the Board of Directors TopContact Arthur Shamilov.— Corporate banking — very important part of the GBO business, the key to success is continuous development and systemic work". "Oksana Panchenko — one of the most experienced executives in the Russian market in the field of corporate lending, it has more than 20 years of experience in both international and Russian structures",— said the head of the financial practices of the company "Morgan hunt Executive Search" Maria Yankovskaya.

However, the career of Ms. Panchenko after leaving the Raiffeisenbank in commercial banks from top-50 was developed not too successfully, though, according to interlocutors "" it is not the fault of the top Manager. "In Bank "St.-Petersburg" it has not received the promised authority, in the "Globex" at the time of her arrival it was clear that to develop have nothing because they are already Mature decision of his accession to Sviaz-Bank,— says one of the interlocutors "Kommersant".— In MTS-Bank, the situation was different, but then received an offer from GPB". In MTS Bank did not comment on the reasons for the departure of Ms. Panchenko.

according to the Chairman of Raiffeisenbank Sergey Monin, the experience gained during the work of Oxana Panchenko in the Bank will allow to diversify business practices prevailing in GPB. But, recognize the interlocutors "Kommersant", until now she has worked exclusively in commercial banks whose corporate culture differs from state banks, which is much closer to GBO. Therefore, in addition to the implementation of directly mandated tasks of MS Panchenko would have to "adapt to the unusual realities of government agencies".