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Kommersant: Gasoline value added monitoring of the banking press 09.01.2019 at 10:30

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During the new year holidays the sellers of fuel to raise the price of gasoline and diesel fuel at its filling stations. Kommersant's sources in the market say that fuel is expensive mostly at gas stations and major oil companies, which recoup the VAT increase from 1 January to 20%. In the coming months, experts do not expect significant growth in fuel prices due to tax increases and excise taxes, but warned that the fuel exchange can start to go up in the spring.

On the background of rising VAT from 1 January to 20% of the large oil companies began to raise the price of fuel at its nuclear power plants, told "Kommersant" the participants of the fuel market in the Russian regions. From their statement it appears that during the new year holidays the more expensive fuel at gas stations of European Russia and the Urals. So, LUKOIL and "Bashneft" (belongs "Rosneft") has raised prices in Bashkiria on gasoline and diesel fuel at 65 to 80 kopecks. per liter. "In St. Petersburg and Leningrad region the spread of price increases on petrol and diesel since the beginning of the year — 50-70 kopecks per liter,"— said the President of Oil club of St.-Petersburg Oleg Ashihmin. Also, according to interlocutors of "Kommersant", gasoline rose in price in Tatarstan, Voronezh, Sverdlovsk, Samara, Saratov, Penza, Volgograd areas.

On the SPIMEX, where there is a wholesale fuel on 27 December there were no trades. By 26 December, the price of AI-92 on the stock exchange since the beginning of the month has fallen by 13%, to 38.7 thousand RUB per ton, AI-95 — on 17%, to 38.8 rubles per ton. The collapse of stock prices followed oil prices, which in December fell below $50 per barrel. Retail gasoline prices in the penultimate week of December, according to Rosstat, rose in four regions of the Russian Federation, mostly in the Novgorod and Kaliningrad regions — by 0,4% and 0,2% respectively; in the remaining regions of the fuel became cheaper or the prices remained stable. Heaviest gasoline became cheaper in Irkutsk and Kyzyl — 1.2%. On average for the week the price of gasoline fell by 2 kopecks, to RUB 43,42 per liter (AI-92 — to 41.48 rubles, AI-95 — to 44,77 rubles), diesel fuel rose by 6 kopecks, to 46.66 rubles. per liter. Oil companies have pledged to keep the retail price at the end of may, with the agreement of the government, independent gas stations because of rising prices of oil and wholesale fuel quotes on SPICEX had in the past year to raise their prices.

While from 1 January in Russia, the excise tax on gasoline and diesel fuel increased by 1.5 times — up to RUB 12.3 thousand and 8.5 thousand rubles per ton, respectively, while VAT increased from 18% to 20%. In October, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak has allowed the oil companies to reflect the VAT rise in the price of fuel, adding 1.7 percent to a fixed government price ceilings (introduced from November 1 indicative levels of wholesale prices). The increase in excise duties on fuel should be compensated by the introduction of the damping mechanism.

, Kommersant Sources in the market noted that due to the growth in VAT during the holidays almost all the major oil companies have already raised the price of popular fuels at filling stations.

"However, a price increase is difficult to name — rather, compensation for a tax increase," remarked one of them. Another source of "Kommersant" notes that "many independent gas stations can exhale," because the prices they have and the oil companies finally equalize. "In December, all warned that prices will rise, no surprise there,— said "Kommersant" the owner of the filling station network of "Kalina oil" in the earth Vladimir Borisov.— If you look at the December price of LUKOIL, the growth made up 1.7 percent — penny to penny, and said Kozak. We do your prices are not raised — and already was higher than the other. Closer to the middle of January, decide, see what the exchange will happen." One of interlocutors "" says that while to a greater extent fuel is expensive at the gas station major oil companies, but with a high probability after the holidays also independent raise prices. In "Rosneft" and "Gazprom oil" promptly answered "y". LUKOIL representative was unavailable for comment.

Michael Turukalov from "Analysts commodity markets" does not expect significant growth in wholesale gasoline prices in the near future, as in December the exchange was sold record volumes, and because of lower oil prices on the domestic market established award. But the expert does not exclude that oil industry workers will try to raise prices the gas station, citing the VAT rise and inflation. The stock price may begin to grow closer to spring due to the jump in excise duties, but with the help of the damper, the government tries to keep prices down, says Mr. Turukalov.

Dmitry KOZLOV, the regional edition of the "Kommersant"