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Bigfoot spotted in Oregon

News of cryptozoology 09.01.2019 at 07:15

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Guests of one of the American settlements was able to witness the emergence of mythical creatures. According to preliminary information, the above incident took place in Central Oregon. As noted by the inhabitants of the local neighborhoods, they were able to capture on video the appearance of Bigfoot.

to fully understand the amazing incident, witnessed the incident immediately sent the footage to study cryptozoology. Examining the obtained video, the experts came to the conclusion that the submitted material is not false or skilled installation.

the Witnesses of the incident focused attention on the fact that we were able to witness the emergence of a huge anthropomorphic figure, which was covered with thick dark hair. The creature resembled a bipedal Primate, but not like a gorilla or other large APE. That is why the majority of Internet users claim that the inhabitants of Oregon had a rendezvous with Bigfoot. Now experts establish why Bigfoot behaved so calmly in the presence of a person.