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Tara national Park Serbia

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Tara - Serbia

I sell the house of 122 M2 "the national Park" Tara. On the same street it is a newly built Playground luxury homes with rooms to rent, famous hotel Avor less than 3 minutes to sand, shops and restaurants, This house is built on 3A from which the building takes 1 AP has two entrances, the First entrance First floor - Living room, 1 room with double bed; toilet with Jacuzzi Living room with two beds One to ment kitchen i dining room located on the first floor 4 sleeps 1 ground floor - 1 room with double bed, bed with drawer with mattress, a total of four sleeping places i TV; - 2 bedrooms with double bed - 3 Room attic with a double bed; On the ground floor and the first floor has a toilet, dryers and walk-in shower. Only twelve places in the first part of the House 2 - First floor - Living room; Set of folding sets, two dining table, kitchen, TV, grill 1 room with marriage bed 2.1 - First floor - Room with double bed; Another room with this is also a double bed; Third bedroom with bed (Only eight beds In the house have all the supporting documents, as well as the main building permit. In the yard there is a terrace with a huge table and benches Around the house if the Price is not fixed price 250.000 EVRA TEL +381 65 310 35 66 +381 63 326 807

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