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Circulation of energy

The MDX Awakening the spirit 08.01.2019 at 10:03

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The Energy in the body never stands still, it constantly circulates (that is, the electrons are constantly moving around the channels). So, within 24 hours she "runs around" all 12 channels 50 times. The duration of one cycle (mileage) is 28 min 48 s. One channel during this cycle it runs for 2 min 24 s Thus, during the day the energy of each channel is visited by 600 times. Hence the main conclusion: to fully, harmoniously to scroll to pump, energize, boost energy, necessary for running, breathing, etc. to spend not less than 28 min 48 s (about 30 min). In the process of training you will feel it, and less time just will not give you satisfaction. In addition to this the circulation of energy in the channels are observed "tidal" and "casting" the waves during the day and even throughout the year. "Tidal" wave is observed in each channel once a day and it lasts 2 h. At this time, the channel and organ associated with it, show their highest activity. "Casting" wave is observed in the opposite time of day from the "tidal". It lasts 2 hours, during which the channel and organ associated with it, the most passive. Hence the second conclusion: plan your workload during the day so that it coincided with the activity of energy channels and organs. For example, the function of the heart strong from 11 to 13 h. at this time, and let the greatest load in the form of exercise. The energy of the digestive organs particularly tough day. If you eat after 19 hours, when the energy is spent on conservation and not on digestion, it means to bring chaos, disorder in their health. Especially for physically weak and sick people.Unlike capacitors and battery energy in the acupuncture system is accumulated through the transfer and acceleration of electrons. In other words, as a result of constant training energybar (or just highly active life) gradually increases the flow circulating through the channels of energy, improves the process of recruitment from the environment. As the river is wide and deep place – deep water, where they slowly circulate large amounts of water, so in the acupuncture system have a special education, which the Chinese called "sea of qi" ("sea of energy"), and the Hindu "chakras" (wheels). These chakras (sea of qi) appear as vortices having the shape of spiral cones. Part of the energy when it a lot of the acupuncture system falls into these "vortexes", where it rotates. In different chakras are energy spinning in different ways: quickly, slowly, rhythmically, sharp thrusts. When in the acupuncture system of energy becomes scarce (or unexpectedly required an increased amount), one of the chakras comes back. So the process of storing, increasing and energy consumption.


They appear gradually during the training process and even during individual workouts. So, in the beginning there is some movement in the body, which is then executed in a variety of vibration and "buzz" that travels through the body, hands, feet. Circulation of body fluids, the body starts to warm up from the inside, pores open, the perspiration. Next, warm-up and perspiration increase, it may be a shiver. When man progresses in energodare in front of the eyes may have a variety of sequins ("sparks of Fohat"), brilliant figures, colored spots, and even pictures.

In the field of chakras when you concentrate on them there is a feeling of heaviness, fullness, aches, warmth and even heat.

When the body is sufficiently filled with energy, there are the following changes: body fat becomes much less while working (even intensive) the muscles cease to flow, greatly increases the flexibility, requires less food, reduced sleep, and the day the person ceases to be tired, constantly active. Of course, all diseases disappear by themselves, and new ones do not stick.


depending on the natural characteristics of the organism and way of life the ability of acupuncture systems to produce energy differs by 1.5—15 times.

the Smallest currents generate the acupuncture system of the people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Taking alcohol reduces the activity of the acupuncture system in 2-5 times. Moreover, the low values of energy can persist for several days. 15-40 min after a hearty lunch, and even more after the festive overeating the activity of the acupuncture system is reduced in 1,5—2,5 times. The constant presence of a person in clothing, especially synthetic, and shoes greatly reduces energybar. Charge triboelectrically instead of draining into the body, goes into the clothes.

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