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Where all the stocks AirPods in Russia? — Vse ob Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, MacBook 10.01.2019 at 07:00

Vse ob Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, MacBook

In the coming 2019 AirPods wireless headphones suddenly disappeared from the range of the vast majority of Russian stores, convinced Almost all large retailers report that an item is on sale, but not known the reasons of his sudden disappearance. Are the Russians so imbued with the concept of wireless headphones that bought up all the stocks in anticipation of the holidays?

"M. Video", "Svyaznoy", "Euroset", "Citylink" and even Telecom operators are misleading the exhaustion of stocks of AirPods. Only "Eldorado" — the only network of all — offers in several stores in Moscow and the region display patterns that are likely visited in the ears of tens, if not hundreds of people. To buy is, obviously, neither myself nor as a gift does not want one, especially since the price actually used the product was absolutely identical to the new.

Where to buy AirPods

it is also Interesting that the deficit is observed not only in large cities but also in the periphery. As of 10 January 2019 to buy AirPods in the regions as impossible, and the sellers on the question of the presence of headphones just shrug.

So what's the deal?

When again will begin selling AirPods

most Likely, the disappearance of the AirPods from the free sale was affected by two factors: the popularity of the accessory and the VAT rise. As you know, in many countries AirPods have become the most popular gift for Christmas and New year, and Russia is no exception. The natural desire of consumers to get advanced headphones for the holidays, a warm desire to save money in anticipation of tax reform, has spurred sales, and ultimately led to a massive deficit.

However, in the near future the situation should improve. As promised the representatives of "M. Video", soon headphones will once again be on sale and will be available for purchase all over Russia. Will the prices for the accessory, the support representatives said. However, given the price increase that occurred in the corporate online store Apple, it is logical to assume that the company will raise the purchase prices, which releases the goods to the retailers.

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