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What your phone can tell about you and how much it costs — Vse ob Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, MacBook 10.01.2019 at 08:30

Vse ob Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, MacBook

Personal data which are at the disposal of operators, often indiscriminately sold to the side and the result can get even on the black market. This convinced the journalist resource Motherboard's Joseph Cox. He conducted his own experiment in which he managed just over $ 300 to acquire information about its location on the map accurate to several hundred meters, using only your phone number.

the location Data at the disposal of "bounty hunter" and subsequently purchased by Coke, initially, was received by the operator. It is quite obvious, since our smartphones constantly communicate with cell towers, so as to be able to receive and make calls.

As the operators keep track of the location

triangulation System to determine our approximate location based on distance from the towers, and then the crowd sell that information to data aggregators who resell it to advertisers, and those, in turn, business owners and individuals.

because of the complexity of chains, which often involves several parties, the operators don't even know who will eventually get the data they sell. For example, in the case of a journalist for Motherboard access to its data had at least six independent from each other actors.


As it turned out, trade data today is something quite ordinary. The more people you want to monitor, the cheaper this service will cost the customer. For example, if the location up to 250 users will have to pay 4.95 dollar, 20 thousand already 3,22.

the company Also provides its customers the opportunity to track their "victims". It is more expensive — from 13 to 8.5 dollars, which, however, is not an exorbitant fee for the prospect to get in preference of a "victim" and slip her interested in her product.

Where, in this case, took the $ 300 I had to pay Cox? It turns out that the price can also vary depending on the stage at which purchased data. Thus, the data aggregator of personal information can cost ten times less, as it involves the wholesale purchase. However, it will have to confirm the purchase.

At the same time, the so-called bounty hunters, engaged in the collection of information about individuals and doing it quite legally, to buy a package for less than several hundred dollars just will not work. According to the man who sold the coke data, it can find information about virtually any person. The main thing is to have his phone number.

All that was described in the article Motherboard, occurred in the United States. However, there is no reason to doubt that the same is not happening in Russia. User data is the new oil, and this statement is hard to argue. Having at its disposal enormous amounts of information about users, their calls, movements and preferences, companies have a chance to create the perfect product and how to capitalize on this

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